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October 8, 2022-Nausher Khan has served as the Director of Project Development

since joining Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC, (“NWABF”), in 2017.

Nausher fits the bill for NWABF, especially following his former and very long and

successful tenure with North American Engineering Services, (“NAES”), in Seattle, WA,

where he was a leader in the Company’s Business Development group.

This past week, the Founder and Manager of NWABF, Dave Smoot, rewarded Nausher

for his unwavering dedication and loyalty, and for illustrating his complete control of the Development process, since joining the Team. Nausher deals regularly with upper management of Tier 1 technology and engineering companies who’ve been selected, or are under consideration, to participate in one of the industry’s most visible Project developments. Nausher also communicates and coordinates with State agencies and sub-contractors, all to make sure that all project technology and engineering capabilities meet the Project’s needs and create compliant solutions. Nausher efficiently handles all activities in connection with the Project making sure all aspects are managed accurately and are within budget and delivery timeframes required by our Off-taker, Delta Air Lines.

Nausher has had a long and successful career in the energy industry, spending 17

years with NAES Corporation before joining NWABF. NAES is a recognized world-

leader as an independent services company dedicated to optimizing the operations and performance of energy facilities across the power generation, oil & gas and petrochemical industries.

Nausher contributed greatly to increasing the NAES’s project portfolio from about 30

projects in 2002 to a more recent 350-plus projects. He has also worked on developing renewable fuel projects, it was through these connections that he connected with Dave Smoot in 2013 when Smoot wanted NAES to operate a Project being developed in AZ. That Project was shelved due to technology and feedstock issues. “I’m glad that we met and are working together, because Nausher brings his considerable industry experience and pedigree to the NWABF project Team”.

Earlier in his life, Nausher attended Notre Dame College, St. John’s University and

Thunderbird School of Global Management. He grew up in Bangladesh, and studied

and mentored at Notre Dame College under the principalship of Father Richard William Timm, an internationally-acclaimed scientist and humanist, who recently passed away.

Nausher spent a couple of years in the AZ area getting a Graduate Degree from

Thunderbird International School of Management, a world-class organization. He was a member of the TSIM Rugby Team. Nausher lives in the greater Seattle area not far from the Project and is a great resource for our team to support the Project’s many needed resources and connections with Washington’s Ports. politicians, service companies, etc.

Nausher, like many self-made individuals, paid the heavy price to succeed in America and all the credit. Nausher came to this country as a young teen, studying and working hard to make a quality life for himself and his beautiful wife Nina, his 2

wonderful sons and finally, becoming a loyal American Citizen. “I trust this kind of

individual to complete the tasks we challenge him with. But mostly, I am thankful to

have Nausher’s type of moral fiber and character on our Team to help execute our

Game Plan”, Dave Smoot stated. We consider it a bonus that “Nausher’s also a dear

friend to us all”.

“We are excited to have assist us by leading the NWABF development team

and helping us get closer to the finish line in this explosive and incredible growth

potential of developing SAF Projects. NWABF’s long-term plans include developing

more SAF Projects in the not-to-distant future.

Stay connected to NWABF coming soon for exciting developments and new Position

Intros in the months ahead!

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