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Tomorrow's SAF Starts Today with

Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels has brought together a World-Class Team of engineering and technology companies that utilize established, currently in-use 2nd generation technology.  The front-end and back-end technology companies are world-renowned, and their technology is an industry-proven!

The strong mix of world-class companies, such as our; Engineering, Procurement Construction (EPC) partner, the O&M and each Technology Company, etc., brings proven performance on successfully meeting output requirements with verifiable track records and industry success.

NWABF has LOIs in place with feedstock suppliers to develop a large project in the Pacific Northwest with the ability to produce up to 64 million gallons of renewable designer biodiesel jet fuel per year. These LOIs will become definitive agreements over the next few months.

Production costs for this project are economically efficient, and the feedstock from forest slash, sawmills, and chipping operations is commercially available long-term.

An MOU has been signed with Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners, a leading independent investment firm with a long history of supporting critical North American infrastructure investment. This potential $600 million investment would be used to partially fund the construction of the Project and repay prior development, design and engineering stage costs. 

NWABF is seeking to become a leader in SAF by growing additional projects in the future. The execution of the MOU with Stonepeak validates our Team’s vision and growth potential as a critical link in the global energy transition to reduce emissions.


NORTHWEST ADVANCED BIO-FUELS, LLC is the culmination of 9 years of Project Development efforts by the Company’s founders and their Team.  These current and former Team members have literally reviewed every technology on the market, negotiated with over 75% of the most reputable Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firms in the market (EPC’s), and finally have come to an agreement with a World-class Industrial giant as the EPC, and then added the World’s leading Privately Owned, Operator and Maintenance Provider, (O&M), in the refinery and utility business, and therefore; is well educated on what issues will and will not create a financeable Project.  Subsequently, the firm’s founders and their Team, through diligence and an acute understanding of the industry’s issues preventing Project financing, has brought an unheard of “total solution” for creating sustainable renewable jet fuel energy to the financial marketplace and lender communities.

The NWABF Project TEAM

Bernie Asher   Chris Whitworth   Nausher Khan   Stefan Unnasch   Steven Brown   Dave Smoot

NWABF Manager - Dave Smoot

David Smoot has an extensive background in Project Development including the Financing and Technology Integration for those Projects. 

Mr . Smoot also has held positions of upper management with leading companies in the Computer Software and Hardware industries.  He was involved in the Financing and Leasing industries specifically related to those industries prior to moving into the renewable energy industry which morphed into renewable fuels. Smoot has created a turnkey solution model not yet seen in the industry.

NWABF CFO - Bernie Asher

Mr. Asher is responsible for all financial matters including financial reporting and planning, budgeting, financial modeling and fund raising.  He has a long career in financial management and consulting, working for a Coopers & Lybrand subsidiary involved in operational improvements in various Ford assembly plants around the globe.  He also has served as President and CEO, of growth companies and existing operating companies was instrumental in leading the turnaround of a number of companies focusing on cost controls, supply-chain solutions and overall operational improvements. 

NWABF Engineer - Mr. Stefan Unnasch

Joining the NWABF team is a natural fit for Mr. Unnasch. He has made significant contribution to
furthering California’s and Low Carbon Footprint Standards (LCFS) and have supported the development of Biofuel industry and its many stakeholders.  He says the opportunity helps him to
continue to share the most complete knowledge of all of the low-carbon fuel policies and greenhouse-gas reduction, calculation methods, and an understanding of how it actually works.” for the NWABF Bio-refinery.

NWABF VP &  Director of Project Development  - Nausher Khan

Mr. Khan was a significant business development presence at NAES Corporation for the past 17 years. He was a major contributor for broadening the company’s current portfolio to about 350-plus projects, from around 30 projects when he started with the company in 2002. In the past decade, he worked on developing renewable fuel projects, and these projects eventually brought him into contact with NWABF Manager Dave Smoot. Smoot and Nausher first began working together in 2013 while with NAES. The timing was fortuitous, and in 2020, he has begun to lend his considerable industry understanding to the NWABF project.

Mr. Khan is serving as Vice President and  Director of Project Development, ensuring that all the project components are being met and the required activities are done accurately, within budget and adhering to Contract time frames.

NWABF Project General Manager
Chris Whitworth

A resident of Grays Harbor, Washington, which is near the Project, Chris is in charge of the on-site management and presence for the initial SAF project. He has successfully set up feedstock supply agreements with continuity, handling property acquisition, initiating the government and Port contacts, handling permitting processes and working within the local community to create a strong culture of interaction and participation as the project progresses and develops.

NWABF Director of Project Logistics 
Steven Brown

 Retired Veteran and former member of Navy SEAL Team VI Sniper Team Commander Steven  (Bear) Brown, who is serving as Director of Logistics for our Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels sustainable aviation fuel project in WA. Steve is one of the many soldiers we in this country owe a huge debt of gratitude. Thousands made huge sacrifices and paid the ultimate price not returning home to their families. We love what Steve stands for. The team at Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels is glad to have a hero like Steven on our team. 

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